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My Teachers

Having studied music notations, music theory, and harmony, Soprano Krystel Dib is a Lyrical Chant student aspiring to obtain her diploma with a main focus on Harmony and Conducting from the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory.

Alongside her university major, Krystel holds a minor in Music from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and performs at weddings, concerts, and celebrations of all kinds.

With a 7 years piano experience from the Conservatory, Krystel is a vocal coach and a private piano tutor for beginners at several music schools.


She also conducted a school prom choir and is now part of 2 other church choirs.

Krystel Dib performed in 2011 at the AUB Job Fair gala dinner and took part in a choir concert in 2013 at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York.

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